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Densha de Live!

You are invited to Sweet Little Soul’s first ever blues party on a train. We have rented out a whole car for our guests and will be playing live music as we ride through the beautiful mountains of Akita on one of the most remote train lines in the country.

Sunday, May 26th
Train Ticket and Music Charge: ¥2,500 per person Akita Nairiku Line
Depart Kakunodate 11:05am
Arrive Takanosu 1:07 pm

You can take the 7:32 am Shinkansen from Tokyo direct to Kakunodate, arriving in time to catch the Blues Train OR join us the night before at our preshow party at a local izakaya. There are several places to stay in Kakunodate. We will be staying at the Machiya Hotel.

There are two options to get home. From Takanosu, you can take the same train back to Kakunodate and catch the Shinkansen or take the Ou Line to Shin Aomori and catch the Shinkansen from there.

Food is not provided on the train. We will provide some nihonshu but recommend that you bring a bento and any other drinks you like.

SEATS ARE LIMITED so make your reservation HERE.

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We wellcome your direct message about any inquiries and requets for live performance.